The Probe Card is a PCB to check electric properties of Chips on a Wafer. 
The Wafer is a board which is used for manufacturing IC chips.
There are two kinds of Probe Cards as ZIF TYPE and POGO TYPE.

 (Unit : mm) 

Item Description Remark
Size Max 765 x 560(MLB) 480Φ (PROBE CARD) Max
Layer 40 L 60 L Max 62L
Thickness 6.3 T Max 7.0T
Drill Size 0.15Φ (3.5T)  /  0.20Φ (4.8T) / 0.3Φ (6.3T) Min
Impedance Control +/- 10%

Special +/- 7.5%

Pattern Width Inner : 50um / Exterior : 70um  
Pattern Space Inner : 70um / Exterior : 90um  
PCB Material FR-4 / High TG / Polyimide / Nelco  



 * Semiconductor wafer probing &IC testing
 * High-speed signal processing units
 * High frequency communication equipment

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