This board is to make small & thin items which are used in PCB
It requires high technology with all building up(HDI) PCB layers.
The Build Up(HDI) boards are used for the Cell phone, Note-book

(Lap Top), PDA, DVC and Semiconductor's Boards.




 (Unit : mm) 

Item Description Remark
Size 500 x 450 Max.
Layer 40L  
Thickness 4.8T Max.
Drill Size 0.1mm (Laser) Min
Impedance Control +/- 10% Special +/- 7.5%
Fine Pitch 0.35mm  
PCB Material FR-4 / Hi-tg / Polyimide / Nelco  





 * Cell phone / Note-book, PDA, DVC /  Semiconductor's Boards

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