We supply sample PCBs with quick turn delivery for multilayer boards. 
Each manufacturing process is handled with specialized
   systems for the quick & prompt delivery to the customers.



  Double Side 4 ~ 8 Layer Over 10 Layers Remark
Delivery 3 Days 4 ~ 5 Days 6 ~ 7 Days Lead time can be
changed by specification





For Prompt Quotation,

 • info@koreapcb.com  

At most case, we would feed you back quotation within 2 hours. 

In order to express your quotation processing, we need:

 • Materials specifying with its thickness.

 • Circuit outline with dimensions and tolerances.

 • Conductor layout and widths with tolerances.

 • Holes sizes with tolerances.

 • Testing requirements.


Date Formats: Gerber and PDF Fab drawings

Readme file should include:

• Company Information

• List of the Files (with descriptions)

• A listing of specifications for the board and a description of any special requirement

• Board Name or Part Number

• Quantity, Lead-time, Solder mask & Silkscreen color, material thickness and finishing.

• Special specification


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